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Our daycare is cage and force-free specialising in small & medium sized breeds with a capped number of dogs per day. This helps us to make sure that safety and wellbeing remains our number one priority for every second that dogs are in our care. We run a staff:dog ratio of 1:12 for extra safety!

We have two indoor areas which flow into outdoor gardens, this makes it easy for us to accommodate different temperaments and ages.

Daycare FAQs

My dog hasn't been to daycare before and I'm nervous but want to give it a try?

Of course! It's totally normal to feel nervous when you don't know us yet. Our gentle team understands what it's like, we've all been there with our own dogs and we want to make you feel as comfortable as possible. We make sure we send out report cards with photos so you can find out exactly how your dog is doing. We also update our Facebook Stories daily with videos so you can check there too!

However, you are most welcome to give us a ring whenever you like to check in as well.

Does my dog need to be vaccinated?

Yes, for the health and safety of all our dogs in our care, we require the below vaccinations. DHPPI (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvo, Parainfluenza), Kennel Cough & Leptospirosis. We either ring your Vet Clinic or we get the information from your Vet book to verify your dogs vaccinations. Then they are entered into our system which automatically keeps track of them and will send you out a reminder 30 days before they are due so you don't even have to think about it!

If your dog has only just finished their course of vaccinations (not annual boosters), there is a stand down period of 10 days before it's safe to play.

What does the trial involve and what happens if my dog doesn't pass?

The trial is designed so we can provide the safest day care experience possible. Things we look for is dog aggression, separation anxiety, confidence levels and toy possession.

Positive introduction to Daycare is vital so if your dog is overwhelmed, stressed or unhappy in anyway, we able to give you advice on how or if we can overcome this. While it may not be ideal at first, we ask for a pick up person to be available any time during the first day in case your dog doesn’t feel like staying for a full day. Again - it is very important that the experience is positive so some dogs need time adjusting to new environments and are better off taking it slow and starting off with just a few hours and working their way upwards from there.

If your dog is quieter by nature, not socially inclined, didn’t enjoy the group environment or if your dog doesn’t pass through the trial, it does not mean your dog is a bad dog. Some dogs are not suited to the Daycare environment as it could be too overwhelming or over-stimulating for them.

If we also feel that we cannot accomodate your dog for whatever the reason may be, we work with other local daycares and can happily recommend one that we think would be a good fit for your dog.

What kind of activities will my dog do?

We have indoor and outdoor play areas complete with tunnels, platforms, and a paddling pool to name a few. Activities include soccer, frizbee, tug of war, nap time, obstacles, climbing frames, lounge time, pool and sprinklers in summer, ice block munching and more!

Will daycare make my dog bark more?

Generally, there are three main reasons dogs bark: they are over excited, bored or under stress. For the comfort of our dogs, team and neighbours, we don’t allow excessive barking. A little barking while playing is accepted and a bit of excited barking on drop off and when seeing their owners on pick up. We are happy to work with the owners of excessive barkers however please note we do not use bark collars nor are they accepted for use if dogs arrive into our facility with them on. They will be removed and put into your dogs cubby.

Are the dogs supervised?

Absolutely, dogs are never left on their own. Our Staff to dog ratio is 1:12, the SPCA Dog Daycare Regulations recommend 1:15.

How are the dogs disciplined for bad behaviour?

While we understand dogs get overwhelmed with excitement and overstimulation, we also expect our dogs to keep their ears on, listen to staff and use their manners which they would also use at home. In order to maintain a safe environment they also need to play by the rules that are set for them, we believe that it is important for dogs to have structure in their play time. Through the use of basic command practice and positive reinforcement methods, the dogs learn that good behaviour brings rewards (play, treats, verbal and physical praise). While appropriate behaviours are reinforced, inappropriate behaviours are disciplined, through the use of time outs or loss of play. By consistently applying these techniques, we can help ensure that every dog has a fun and safe experience while at day care. Under no circumstances is force used to discipline ANY animal in our care nor do we use collars e.g bark collars, shaker bottles, citronella collars etc.

Our team are constantly reading the dog’s behaviour and are trained to catch problems before they arise as we want to ensure all dogs have a fun and safe experience while at daycare. If a dog is acting up we look into why – there are many different reasons so we tailor our response to the problem. i.e. if a dog is tired and grumpy we will give them space to chill out in the lounge or have some time out. Just like with children, when a dog gets too excited or tired they can play up.

For the safety of all dogs and our staff, very naughty behaviour can lead to suspension or being expelled from Daycare. Please keep in mind not all dogs are suited to Daycare. Some dogs do not do well in this environment. Please do not take this personally, as this by no means states that you have a “bad dog”. Just like people, some dogs enjoy socialising more than others and some dogs don’t do well in stimulating environments. Our primary concern is for the wellbeing of all our guests by providing a fun, safe environment.

Can I send my dog in with breakfast or lunch?

Yes you may, please make sure that food is in a secure container that is label with their first and last name. All dogs are feed separately and are rested for 15-20 minutes after being fed to prevent bloat and other issues.

Is water readily available?

Absolutely, fresh water is available at all times, however your dog may still be thirsty after day care due to the increased level of activity.

Can I bring toys?

All toys in the play areas must remain neutral to avoid possessiveness. We also don’t allow external toys into daycare for hygiene reasons plus we have heaps!

Are there discounts for multiple dogs?

Yes, we have discounted rates for multiple dogs. Please see our pricing page for more info.

What if my dog gets injured or sick?

Remember that even normal dog play may result in some type of injury. It is not a common occurrence but it can happen. Just like a child can fall or trip at school, dogs play with teeth and nails. All injuries and illnesses are prevented to the absolute BEST of our ability, we never want your dog to become injured or get sick. If this occurs, you will be notified when you pick up your dog if it is minor, you will be notified immediately if the problem is severe. If there is an emergency and vet care is needed, we will transport your dog to our local vet, more information is available in our Terms and Conditions.

Can I see your facility before I bring my dog to you?

Absolutely. While for safety reasons we cannot do this with dogs on site, we have open days once a month on a Saturday in which we are happy to show you our full site. Please get in touch via email bek@groominglounge.co.nz to arrange a time to have a staff member take you through. We also have a video you can view as a virtual tour, or visit the tab "Our Facility" in the menu bar to view our facility online.

My dog/bitch is entire, can they still come to daycare?

Unfortunately we cannot accept entire males in our Daycare. Males must be neutered by 6 months old to continue to play with us and females must remain at home whilst on heat.

Where do the dogs toilet?

We have designated outdoor area for the dogs to toilet – most dogs use these areas as the other dogs have also gone there. However if there are any accidents our team clean them up straight away, disinfect and ensure the area is dry as to not create a slip hazard.

Will my dogs get fleas?

Fleas don’t jump from dog to dog. Once on a dog they will stay put. They start breeding and will lay eggs which roll off the dog into the environment where the eggs then develop into larvae, then pupae, then baby fleas at which point they jump on an unsuspecting victim walking past. Although we can never say never, we have a strict daily daycare cleaning schedule which includes washing all bedding and doing a thorough clean of the facility daily just in case a flea egg made it in.

If a dog is seen to have fleas, as per our Terms & Conditions, the dog will immediately be bathed in a natural flea wash to become flea free.

What happens if there is an emergency with the dogs?

Our team are pet first aid trained including dog CPR. We have procedures in place in case of emergency and you will be notified immediately. We are also located less than 10mins from the nearest Vet Clinic with whom we have a good relationship.

Daycare Pricing

Our pricing works on a tiered system which means the more often you visit, the lower your daily rate and the more perks you get! We also have our Group & Solo Enrichment Programme available to add on for a full day of fun!

  • Full Day

    VIP 4-5 $23

    VIP 2-3 $24

    VIP 1 $29

    Casual $36

  • Half Day

    VIP 4-5 $19

    VIP 2-3 $20

    VIP 1 $26

    Casual $36

  • Concession Pass

    3 Day $87

    5 Day $145

    10 Day $290

    Monthly $580

  • Trail Day


  • The Nursery

    For puppies under 6 months old $32

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Group Enrichment

For the pupper who wants SOME group play, but prefers the second half of their day to be be with a smaller group participating in scent work, agility or good old fashioned fun and games in an intimate environment.

Includes 1:1 enrichment activities from our add on menu including a Daycare Sniffari.

Price Per Session +$20

(Includes general daycare & group enrichment)

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Solo Enrichment

For the pupper that wants to mix up the second half of their day with 1:1 time with one of our Trainers.

Includes all the enrichment activities on our menu as well as light training working on your goals plus a Solo Sniffari to end the session!

Price Per Session +$30

(Includes general daycare & solo enrichment)

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VIP Benefits

We love going the extra mile and documenting our groups daycare journey with us!

You will see things like:

  • Pupper TV Episodes every Saturday night on our Facebook Page
  • Daycare Photos uploaded twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • Facebook Stories (video) posted daily

We also celebrate holidays such as Christmas, Easter, and Halloween, featuring "visitors" like Santa and the Easter Bunny who generously spare their time for individual photos with our dogs!

Our VIP Daycare Dogs are also entitled to:

  • discounted daily rates
  • discounted washes
  • discounted nail trims
  • priority booking
  • 10% off all retail
  • free entry into our monthly draw for a free wash
  • discounted access to digital and printed event photos
  • free personalised TGL school bag
  • free personalised TGL keyring

We compile an annual yearbook, complete with school photos for every participant, available for purchase as a keepsake for our owners to take home.

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